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Karma - Shovla

"Karma" (also known as "Shovla") one of the most popular dishes in Uzbekistan.  Usually it cooks from fresh lamb with bone & also may cook from chicken.  Let's cook it together.
Ingredients : (for 4 person)

1. 1,5-2 lb chicken (cut into pieces)
2. 2 onions
3. 1 lb carrot(shredded)
4. 1 2/4 cup rise (“Boton” rice ideal for it)
5. 1 2/3 Vegetable or Olive oil

Preparation :

1.    put oil into heavy iron pot & let it to heat a little, then put into oil  meat (cut into pieces) & fry it in high temperature about 3-4 minutes.

2.    Add chopped onion and continue to fry about 5 minutes.

3.    next you have to add carrot and low the heat to medium

4.    add salt(about 1 teaspoon) and cover the pot. In 15-20 minutes the carrot should be soft & juicy
5.    Now it is time to add the rice and 1 table spoon of salt
    6.    Add water (as seen in the picture to the second strap of finger)

7.    bring to boil

8.    mix it well & keep boiling (mixing every 2-3 minutes) about 15-20 minutes

9.    When it gets thickened and you get soft rice, turn of the heat. Cover the pot and leave for 10 minutes

10.   in 10 minutes it’s ready! You can serve it! Bon appetite!

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